Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka

Many people asking what the best time is to visit Sri Lanka. 
Sri Lanka can be seen as a year-round holiday destination, there is always a area where there is sunshine and calm weather. Sri Lanka has a pleasant climate and you can visit all year round.

Sri Lanka has 2 rainy seasons, you have the Yala Monsoon. This one brings rain in the west, southwest and inland from April to September.

The Maha Monsoon brings rain to the east coast of Sri Lanka and take place from November till March, however this monsoon can also bring rain in October and November. 

Are you planning to go to the west and south coasts and inland of Sri Lanka? The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December till March.

Are you planning to go to the east and north coasts of Sri Lanka? The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from May till September. 

Although the weather is not always predictable, the expected weather conditions from month to month as follow:


January is a great month to travel. The beaches along the south and west coasts have a lot of sun and little precipitation. In the north and east there is more rainfall. Average temperatures around 28°C.


The south and west coasts have the sun and high temperatures and little rainfall throughout the month. In the north and east around the coast, the rain begins to decrease. Average temperatures around 30°C.


Perhaps the best month for optimal weather conditions. In March you have nice weather all over the country and little precipitation. Average temperatures around 30°C.


April is one of the better months for travel. although the monsoon is going to run this month and the more you come towards the end of April there will be more rainfall. Average temperatures around 31°C.


The rainy season brings rain to the south-west coast of the island. Galle, the southern beaches, the west coast and also the mountains have more rain. Although it can be short and heavy rain showers. Average temperatures around 32°C.


The west and south coast of the island, as well as the Tea Country in the central part, are still affected by the monsoon. You have short but heavy rain showers. Average temperatures around 31°C.


The weather in July can be compared with the weather in June. Average temperatures around 30°C.


There is less rainfall than in the month of July. The temperature is still high and in the mountain areas the temperature is considerably lower, especially during the night. Average temperatures around 30°C.


September has a mix of weather, it is good to stay in the north and east of the country. Little or no rainfall. In the west it will rain a bit more and it will also be a bit cooler. In the south you can expect more rain. Average temperatures around 30°C.


October is hard to predict, the southwest monsoon will turn but the rainfall will remain especially in the west and south coastal areas. Average temperatures around 29°C.


In the west and along the south coast, the rain begins to abate. there is more room for the sun especially towards the end of the month. Average temperatures around 28°C.


In December the rain starts to decrease even more along the south and west coast and you can expect sun all days, but there is also the possibility of some rain. Average temperatures around 29°C.

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